An insect hotel

10 October 2018

Strategically located at the entrance to the car park of Fridge 7 stands a magnificent insect hotel.

This installation, well thought of on all insect reservation sites, welcomes local wildlife seeking shelter.

The principle of these structures is to offer insects and spiders in the surrounding areas a refuge in line with their needs. The goal is to ensure the presence of these animals that are major players in the biodiversity, some of which play a significant role in pollination.

The hotel is only full during the winter. It is used by the insects at different stages in their lives: to spend the night, protect themselves from bad weather, shelter during the winter, reproduce in the spring, etc.

Effective and eye-catching

The installation of the hotel owes nothing to chance. Set well back from the road, it faces away from the prevailing winds and is sufficiently high above the ground.

Its look is largely inspired by the corporate logo, thus making this multi-family accommodation a visual marker for all visitors having to visit Hesbaye Frost.