Responsible company

Our mission:

Our passion at the service of healthy, tasty and sustainable food.

Our values:

The Hesbaye Frost values express our vision for working in a group so that we can achieve our mission successfully. We have defined them together. Up to us to follow them every day to take an active role in developing our company.


Respect is the root of our company.
Wealth is born of exchanges. Respect for our colleagues, for who they are and what they bring. Respect for the customer, to whom we offer healthy, quality vegetables. And respect for everything surrounding us – men, machinery and Nature – which all participate in our development.


Together, naturally.
A company is a combination of personalities serving a common goal.
It is efficient when the collective interest takes precedence over the individual interest. Each individual contributes something and we need other people to bring out the best in ourselves. Sharing is an individual development factor, which is itself essential for collective success.


Cultivating talents means harvesting effectiveness.
Our company is a happy combination of talents, know-how and life skills; we can thus achieve a high performance level, defend a position of leader in our sector and guarantee our future. We have to be daring if we wish to grow. Not simply being content with what we are but open to soul-searching. We have to take and assume our responsibilities to be effective.

On-going improvement

Hunger for progress is a never-ending story.
We have to have an appetite for progress to ensure the future of our company. We have to look far ahead and think in the long term. On-going improvement is wanting to do better in an ever-better context, it is being capable of calling into question and learning from our failures as well as our successes.






Haut-Geer Nature Reserve

A few years ago, Hesbaye Frost purchased the former grinding mill at Hollogne-sur-Geer, thereby recovering the old settling basins on the site for storing irrigation water. This acquisition was a meeting between the industrial world and the associative world active in protecting the biodiversity.

Hesbaye Frost committed, in a charter, to turn this space into the Haut-Geer Nature Reserve.

It is managed by a non-profit-making association (asbl) made up of representatives from Natagora, Hesbaye Frost and APLIGEER, with the participation of the Geer local authorities.



It is a true paradise for native birds and enthusiastic birdwatchers. It is home to several flagship species, such as the black-necked grebe, water rail and bluethroat, without forgetting the many species of indigenous and migratory ducks. Some thirty sheep have been grazing there since Spring 2016.

Although there are no precise numbers, the Reserve welcomes an estimated ten thousand visitors a year.

Haut-Geer Biogas

The Haut-Geer Biogas unit is a cooperative made up of Hesbaye Frost, several farmers and public and private partners. Using agricultural inputs and organic waste from Hesbaye Frost, it produces electricity and heat through the biomethanisation process.

This is a natural process whereby micro-organisms break down natural waste that is lacking oxygen, is sheltered from light and in specific temperature conditions.

The micro-organisms produce methane-rich biogas that can be burned to produce electricity and heat. This is the principle of co-generation, in other words producing two energy sources (electricity and heat) from a single energy source (gas).
The site now has three co-generation units for an installed power achieving 1.5 MW. The Haut-Geer BIOGAS covers nearly 20% of the Hesbaye Frost electricity requirement.